Use Screencastify or Flipgrid to practice sight words and reading fluency. It’s as easily DONE as it is said.  These are grade 01 broken into quarters one through four based on the Burleson ISD Learning Links, but this activity could be done with any reading vocabulary, spelling, or content vocabulary activities.


Just open the Screencastify extension tool and have students open the accompanying Slides deck. Students start the recording, pronounce the word, advance the slides and stop the recording. Be sure to tell students to change the file name to include THEIR name.


Using a second device (or a printout/station/class set) of the words, have students open a grid and pronounce their words on the grid making a recording. 

These are two easy ways to use technology to help your students practice fluency, build reading skills and communicate using digital tools.

I’d love to hear how YOU used these tools with YOUR students. Please leave comments below.

Quarter 01 Set
Quarter 02 Set
Quarter 03 Set
Quarter 04 Set


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Sight Word Screencast Activity
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