Do you have doodlers in your class? Do you have the kids who are constantly drawing, scribbling, or creating images in all of the empty spac on their papers? How about second language learners or visual learners? Have you tried #sketchnotes as a way of note taking? If this is new to you or if you want to try and get better (like me) join #Sketch50 2.0  In its second year, this movement encourages individuals to try their hand at #sketchnote techniques. I’ve committed to trying to #sketchnote the conferences that I attend this year as a way of building my skill and building a library of examples. It could be a great tool to use with students who are doodlers and who need a visual to help them remember – like ELL/ESL students or students with learning challenges. Give it a try… it isn’t about the “art” of drawing… it’s about the learning!


Check out Matt Miller’s (Ditch That Textbook) article on this same event.

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#Sketch50 It’s Not Doodling
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