Spotlight On Strategies Week 2 Challenge

Connect the Dots

By answering the question “Does this have meaning?” information is more likely to make its way into students’ long-term memory. This week’s strategy helps students understand the meaning behind a topic by developing a concept map that “connects the dots” between what they are learning and how it is relevant to their life.

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How can I use this strategy with my students?

1. Use the keyword search in Discovery Education to find a video that explains your topic or concept – refine your search using the filters if needed.


2. Have students take out a piece of paper, draw a dot in the center and write the topic you are reviewing above the dot.


3. Have students draw a second dot on the page and write their name above this dot.


4. Explain to students that as they watch the video they must “connect the dots” between what they are learning and how it is relevant to their lives. They may create 4 or 5 dots leading from the topic in the center to their name. Each dot should have information so you can easily see the connections.


5. Play the video several times, pausing to give students an opportunity to think about what they just saw and heard.


6. Have students share their connections with a partner and discuss why they chose these connections.


7. Finally, facilitate a whole group discussion asking students to share their personal connection to the topic and why it’s important to their lives.



Let us know how you’ve been using these strategies in your classroom.
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#SpotlightOnStrategies Challenge Week 2: Connect the Dots
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