Check out the fun and engaging way that 4th grade Taylor Elementary educator, Anais Gomez, is having her students plan, revise and edit their writing using Google Drawings. Beginning with a basic template for comparing and contrasting, students enter transitional words on the separating bar.  (Note: This file is view only. Please click File > Make a copy to have a copy of your own.) 

Then students use the colored segments to compare and contrast two stories. The boxes are color coded to different parts of the plot diagram (yellow = setting; green = characters; blue = problem; pink/red = solution). 

Students then added images to represent their stories using the image search tool in Google Drawings. 

Students later added adjectives to help them build colorful sentences. The adjectives were added using the insert word art tool within Google Drawings.

The final project will have students download their Google Drawing as either a .jpg or .png file, insert it into a Google Slide deck, write their comparison and contrast paragraphs on the slide with their planning process image, and create a class book. 

What began as a simple substitution activity (replacing a written worksheet with an online tool) has been redefined as a class book activity for Ms. Gomez and her fourth grade students. Without the BISD 1:You program, this would have taken several sessions in the computer lab, but with the student 1:1 Chromebook ratio, students began work in one class period, were able to continue it at home on their own time and complete the work in class the following day. The end result will be a very creative, individual, collaborative class piece that showcases the students’ learning. 

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Taylor Teacher Uses Google Drawings For Compare and Contrast Writing Process