Here are three FREE classroom noise monitoring tools that will help you and your students with noise levels in the classroom.  

Bouncy Balls is a free, online noise monitoring tool. Bouncy Balls displays the volume of the noise in a room by showing a set of colorful bouncing balls on the screen. The louder the noise level, the higher and more frequently the balls on the screen bounce. To use Bouncy Balls simply go to the website, click “begin bouncing,” and then click the microphone icon to allow the site to access your computer’s microphone.

Zero Noise Classroom is a countdown timer and a noise meter into one convenient Chrome app. When an educator starts Zero Noise Classroom, he or she sets the countdown timer and adjust the goal for the volume of noise in the classroom. Then the educator also sets a goal for a percentage of the time that can exceed the maximum volume. When the countdown timer expires a chime sounds and the percentage of time spent above the volume limit is displayed. SUGGESTED EXTENSION: Have students track the data of time percent above volume limit over two to four weeks and use that for creating tables, data charts, or mathematics word problems.

Classcraft’s Volume Meter enables teachers to manage their classroom by setting a max volume threshold of their choosing. As the class makes noise, a horizontal bar fills up, and volume moves in real time. This allows students see exactly how close they’re getting to the maximum, which the teacher can adjust anytime. If the noise stays below the limit, students earn “treasure” when the meter is stopped. If students are too loud, they lose their chance at the reward. Much like Zero Noise Classroom, there is both a timer and a noise meter built into the Classcraft Volume Meter tool. This tool is free to use WITHOUT a Classcraft account and no registration is required. 

Credit: Thanks to Richard Byrne of and’s blog for these great resources!


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