This year, in our January Newsletter, we sent out the following challenge:

This year…we’d like to ask every one of you – Teachers AND Administrators – to take the ONE THING Challenge! Choose one technology goal for the spring semester…that’s right…just ONE!

Share with us what your goal is and we will:

  • provide you with training
  • send you resources
  • serve as your accountability partners
  • send little surprises to keep you motivated
  • support you throughout the semester
  • and celebrate with you when you reach your goal!

Grab your teammates, principal, or best friend and fill out the form below to get started on the ONE THING Challenge!

Don’t know what you want to learn? Ask your students what THEY would like you to learn so that YOU can teach it to THEM!


53 people signed up to work on their ONE THING. They got this badge to put in their email signature:

Those who finish their challenge by the end of May will also receive the following badge…

We’re really excited to work with our teachers to help them reach their One Thing Goals!


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The One Thing Challenge