Happy New Year, Y’all!

I have LONG loved the option to take a snapshot in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings.  It’s AWESOME for students to be able to take a pic of their work and digitize it, to take pics of the steps in the writing process, or of a project the constructed.  Sometimes it’s called for to take a selfie!

Welllllllll, Google has changed the “take a snapshot” option you’ve seen in Docs, Slides, & Drawings.   As of right now, you have FIVE options for adding an image to Docs, Slides, and/or Drawings:  “Upload from computer”, “Search the web”, “Drive”, “Photos”, and “By URL”.    Notice what’s missing?????  That’s right – the “take a snapshot” option.  Somehow, it got lost in the shuffle.  [Insert wah wah wah here.]

Thankfully, my Google muse, Alice Keeler, has a nifty solution – the Webcam Snapshot Chrome Extension!  My favorite feature of this extension is that it takes a snapshot and automatically uploads it to Google Drive!  WOOT!  Please take a minute to check it out – it’s already been pushed out to student Chromebooks, so they can add it easily from the Chrome store!

I honestly can’t believe I am just now discovering Classroomscreen.com – it is seriously the greatest thing since Bantam Bagels.  Ok, that might be kind of a stretch, but truly – it’s fantastic!!!  This FREE webtool allows you to create an interactive (in that you can totally customize it to meet your needs) board that you can project for your class to use.  You can add different “widgets,” or mini-tools, to give directions, monitor classroom noise, provide links, etc.    FABULOUS for days that you want students to get right to a task when they enter the room.  Even better when you want to throw out a link or image for the class to explore together.  Classroomscreen.com is a great way to lead students to be autonomous!

Check out ClassroomScreen.com. Just do it.  You’ll LOVE it. Trust me.

Click the image below to see my presentation!

Tuesday Two-fer Tech Tips: January 9, 2018