Padlet has always been one of my favorite tools for exit tickets and quick collaboration but it just got SO… MUCH… BETTER! The latest feature added to Padlet is an option to make audio recordings directly in the notes on a Padlet wall. In this video check out how Richard Byrne ( demonstrates how to add audio, video, and picture notes to a Padlet wall.

Byrne also suggests that Padlet’s audio note recording option could be a good one for students to use to create short podcasts or have students record short audio notes as an exit ticket at the end of a lesson.

Additionally Byrne suggests that educators can use Padlet in your classroom include voting on responsesmaking flowcharts, and creating distraction-free video playlists. Padlet is a great AFL tool and can be used to help students make gains toward their #WIG. 

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Updates to a Favorite Tool: Padlet
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