It’s not Harry Potter magic… it’s GOOGLE MAGIC! Using a tip that I snagged from the Google Teacher Tribe (#GTTribe) I tried embedding a video in a Google Drawing.

The steps are:

  1. Open and create a Google Drawing.
  2. Open a Google Slides deck.
  3. Insert the video you want into the Google Slides deck.
  4. Copy and paste the video into the Google Drawing.

Note: I did have to refresh my screen to get my video to play but my colleagues in the office did not. Not sure why, but mine worked on the refresh so don’t give up!

Need a walk through? The directions are available here. (Thanks to Jake Miller for this!)

Here’s my resulting attempt:


Want to make a copy of my activity to use with your students? Click here for a Template Preview.

And by the way… I shared my product with #GTTribe on Twitter and got this…within minutes of sharing… #WhoIsTellingYOURStory

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Use Google To Create Magical Images
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