While attending e-Merge at Region 11 ESC last week, I had the honor to present What About Them? Free Google Tools to Help Special Needs Students, which you can explore below.

During the presentation, I highlighted 14 free or freemium tools divided into five sections, including text highlighters, website overlays, readability accessories, text leveling help, and voice-recording options.

Begin your journey through the slide deck at the table of contents, where you’ll find links to tool descriptions and features. See something you like? Click the installation links. Not what what you’re seeking? Hit the fast pass back to the table of contents. At the end of the presentation, test your knowledge through a brief scenario-based practice.

I extend special thanks to Eric Curts (@ericcurts) for inspiring the presentation. As I researched potential ed-tech solutions for special-needs topics, I stumbled across resources Curts had published in a blog. In addition, the presentation template I used can be download from Slides Carnival.

What About Them? Free Tools to Help Special Needs Students
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