Who’s Got Four Thumbs And Went To Google? These Girls!

TCEA week started out with a bang…or a goo…Google, that is. We were invited to an event at the Google headquarters in Austin. You may now die of nerd-envy. LOL!

It was really fun! Yes…they really do give their employees free food and drink – and they have awesome work spaces. And they have a killer atmosphere and vibe that just makes Google…well, Google. Needless to say this trip did nothing to curb my fervent desire to work for GoogleEDU…quite the opposite. I’d love to share more…but we signed an NDA. Just know it was cool! Sharing the photo love!

Due to a hotel mess up (on the part of the hotel)…I spent part of the tour trying to make sure that all of our teachers coming in that night had a room. These poor ladies got shuffled 12 miles out and when they got there…found out they didn’t have a room. A HUGE thank you to Dan Betsill, Ryan Churchward, and Stephen Blan for giving up their room and going to another hotel. You guys are my heroes!

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