Did you know that March is Women’s History Month? While the month is drawing to a close, there are still ways to get active and celebrate the contributions that women have made in our world.

In the March 2017 Technology Newsletter, there was mention of a Women’s History Month Google Slides activity. If you are doing biographies with students, researching famous scientists, mathematicians, or historians, you might want to take a look at this. It includes some different research steps as well as some categorization skills and could be adapted and used for a wide range of age levels. Download a copy here.

There’s another ongoing activity that would allow you and your students to collaborate with other students from across the United States. Kevin Honeycutt, Ginger Lewman, and Katie Perez (all of KS) are doing a STEM team PBL project to design an airplane for aviator Amelia Earhart. I contacted Mr. Honeycutt and he indicated that sharing this project with BISD teachers and students was permitted and encouraged so here is your chance. The project divides the work among four groups: fuselage, wings, engines, assembly/coordination and asks students to work collaboratively and cooperatively. Take a look by clicking here to view the document.

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Women’s History Month Activities
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